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A Formula for Interactive  Chemistry Education

Help students gain organic chemistry skills and expertise.


Zosimos makes organic chemistry knowledge transfer more efficient by providing teachers with an auto-scored practice quiz and assessment tool.

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 Learning Objective 

We offer coursework to suit your students' learning needs, including the following topics:

  • Nomenclature
  • Stereochemistry
  • Functional groups
  • Resonance forms
  • Reaction mechanism
  • Common classes of organic compounds
  • Structure determination with spectroscopic techniques
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Zosimos Chemistry Background

Zosimos is developed by Chemaxon, a chemical and biological software company. We have been providing cheminformatic solutions for educational institutions for more than 20 years. Our product foundation is based on our chemistry and biology domain expertise.

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Students Learn Best.

You can create engaging chemistry assignments and track student progress without needing to complete tedious administrative tasks.

Assessment with auto-scoring

Save time with automated scoring of homework and in-class assessments.

Practice with feedback

Limitless practice of organic chemistry problems with instant feedback to students.

Ready-made content library

Get immediate access to the organic chemistry content library.

Explore our 30-day free trial with sample quizzes created for you.

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Zosimos is very user-friendly from both the student and the instructor side and specifically designed to support learning through its built-in structure drawing tool, which is very important in organic chemistry.

Our textbook has a limited number of exercises. In Zosimos, students can take and retake any number of quizzes according to their level and interest.

Dr. Judit K. Beagle

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

University of Dayton, USA

Get hands-on experience with our most popular quizzes

Structure and bonding

Structure and Bonding

In this quiz you need to add lone pairs to existing structures, draw Lewis structures knowing the name of a compound or decide the hybridization of certain atoms in a molecule.

reaction mechanism

Reaction Mechanism

In this quiz you need to identify nucleophilic/electrophilic centers or draw curly arrows to demonstrate the movement of electron pairs in certain reactions.


Alcohols and Phenols

In this quiz you need to solve different types of problems on the subject of alcohols and phenols, e.g., knowing the name you need to draw the structure and vice versa, converting different projections into each other, drawing the structure of a reaction product and so on.