Online education is often regarded as a choice of necessity. Living in a rural area, having a tight schedule, or enduring a lockdown in a global pandemic forces many students into remote learning. The haphazard deployment of the virtual classroom concept around the world showed that trying to replicate in-person learning simply is almost futile. The lvlUP team has organized a chemistry competition for high school teams with the help of Chemaxon’s  Zosimos education platform to engage more students. Read about their experience using Zosimos during the contest.

Digitalization became one of the most important buzzwords of the early 21st century.


We, the teachers at lvlUP, are firm believers of the promise it holds in the education sector. Starting with the very first season of our prep school, we were looking for opportunities to increase our reach and enrich the learning experience with digital tools. Live streaming lessons, sharing recorded sessions, thematic explanatory videos, and round-the-clock study support over instant messaging are now integral parts of our service offerings.

In 2022 we decided to organize a biology-chemistry-themed team-based online competition called TeamUP.

Zosimos’ reliable infrastructure was an invaluable asset in this endeavor. Over a hundred users accessed the same assessment seamlessly, without any downtime- even large illustrations loaded quickly. Answers were saved in real-time no submit and page reload were necessary. During the competition live reports of these responses provided much-needed insight into the problem-solving or test-taking strategies of different students. The platform made troubleshooting much easier too: we were able to issue corrections and clarifications to questions and answers based on participant feedback. This would have been almost impossible to do as an offline, multi-site, pen-and-paper competition. Automatic evaluation of the majority of responses (including molecule drawings!) made it possible to provide the end results quickly and accurately. The  2000 responses needed only 2 people to review them. Creating the quiz was also smooth and self-explanatory, and the autosave feature helped avoid data loss.

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The whole competition was a transformative experience and brought us a lot of joy. We think using a platform like Zosimos could strengthen the trust in and increase the appeal of remote and digital education. For certain tasks including assessments, we are sure it can be a better alternative to traditional approaches.