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Our Students and Instructors Say It Best:

University of Dayton

“We have used the Zosimos online platform to offer extra opportunities to practice. Zosimos is very user-friendly from both the student and the instructor side and specifically designed to support learning through its built-in structure drawing tool, which is very important in organic chemistry. Our textbook has a limited number of exercises. In Zosimos, students can take and retake any number of quizzes according to their level and interest."
Dr. Judit K. Beagle, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of Dayton, USA
University Dayton

Okanagan College

"It was a delight to have the names and structures of organic compounds already graded – and I found the process of adding part marks to semi-correct answers to proceed very efficiently. Within a few minutes, the grading was complete, and I could make the results available to the students. If I had done the grading by hand – it would have taken me a few hours! So thank you!!!”
Dr. Carl Doige, Professor of Chemistry
Okanagan College, Canada
University Okanagan

Kantonsschule Zug

"Now, after covid, students bring their computers to school, so online exercises have become part of the normal classroom experience. Attractive exercises can get the whole class actively and intensively involved in the subject. For us teachers, it is very helpful to observe the learners' problems and mistakes in real time. This way, we can see where things are stuck or which additional information is needed. Moreover, also more general learning difficulties and misconceptions become apparent.”
Urs Leisiner, High School Chemistry Teacher
Kantonsschule Zug, Switzerland
Kantonsschule Zug

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

"Zosimos helps me to reach out to Generation Z . It's vital for instructors to keep up with what's essential in chemistry to the younger generations. Now, I have a much better understanding of students’ thinking. I can see where they are struggling with chemistry problems when seeing their mistakes during problem-solving. Zosimos can also save a teacher 6-7 hours per 30 students with autocorrection of practice quizzes and assessments. "
Dr. József Kupai, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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